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Die Anweisungen für diesen Download werden in Kürze auf Deutsch erhältlich sein. Nehmen Sie bitte bis dahin mit den englischen Anweisungen vorlieb. Windows Phone war ein Betriebssystem für Smartphones, das von Microsoft entwickelt wurde. Seit der im Februar angekündigten Allianz zwischen. Microsoft Windows Phone 8 oder auch Microsoft Windows Phone genannt, ist ein Offizielle Windows Phone Webseite (deutsch); Hilfe & Anleitung auf der. Nokia war einmal der größte Handyhersteller der Welt – bis Microsoft die Mobilfunksparte übernahm und voll auf Windows Phone setzte. Windows Phone - Deutsch Facebook für Windows Phone bietet alle bekannten Funktionen der Desktop-Version des beliebten sozialen.

Windows Phone Deutsch

Nokia war einmal der größte Handyhersteller der Welt – bis Microsoft die Mobilfunksparte übernahm und voll auf Windows Phone setzte. Die Anweisungen für diesen Download werden in Kürze auf Deutsch erhältlich sein. Nehmen Sie bitte bis dahin mit den englischen Anweisungen vorlieb. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Windows Phone im Online-Wörterbuch dict.​cc (Deutschwörterbuch).

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Windows Phone Synthesizer siehe Weblinks. Juli eingestellt. Cortana ist sprachgesteuert und kann unter anderem Termine anlegen, den Wecker stellen, SMS schreiben und dem Benutzer einfache Fragen beantworten. Windows Phone Deutsch

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Although Microsoft dropped the Windows Phone brand at this time in order to focus more on synergies with Windows 10 for PCs, it was still a continuation of the Windows Phone line from a technical standpoint, and updates were issued for selected Windows Phone 8.

Work on a major Windows Mobile update may have begun as early as under the codename "Photon", but work moved slowly and the project was ultimately cancelled.

Following this, Windows Phone was developed quickly. One result was that the new OS would not be compatible with Windows Mobile applications.

Larry Lieberman, senior product manager for Microsoft's Mobile Developer Experience, told eWeek : "If we'd had more time and resources, we may have been able to do something in terms of backward compatibility.

Elop stated the reason for choosing Windows Phone over Android, saying: "the single most important word is 'differentiation'. Entering the Android environment late, we knew we would have a hard time differentiating.

The pair announced integration of Microsoft services with Nokia's own services; specifically: [24]. The partnership involves "funds changing hands for royalties, marketing and ad-revenue sharing", which Microsoft later announced as "measured in billions of dollars.

Myerson was quoted as saying, "I can trust her with what she tells me. She uses that same direct and genuine communication to motivate her team.

On September 2, , Microsoft announced a deal to acquire Nokia's mobile phone division outright, retaining former CEO Stephen Elop as the head of Microsoft's devices operation.

As a result, Nokia's hardware division became a subsidiary of Microsoft operating under the name Microsoft Mobile.

The operating system was modified; Google's software was not included in favour of competing applications and services from Microsoft and Nokia, and with a user interface highly modified to resemble Windows Phone.

In , Microsoft released Windows Phone 7. The update included a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 that supports the same web standards and graphical capability as the desktop version, multi-tasking of third-party apps, [38] [39] Twitter integration for the People Hub, [40] [41] [42] and Windows Live SkyDrive access.

Windows Phone 7 devices can not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 due to hardware limitations. Windows Phone 7.

On October 29, , Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 , a new generation of the operating system. Windows Phone 8 replaced its previously Windows CE-based architecture with one based on the Windows NT kernel with many components shared with Windows 8.

Windows Phone 8. Starting with this release, Microsoft dropped the requirement that all Windows Phone OEMs include a camera button and physical buttons for back, Start, and Search.

Cortana replaced the previous Bing search feature, and was released as a beta in the United States in the first half of , before expanding to other countries in early Windows 10 Mobile was announced on January 21, , as a mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets running on ARM architecture.

Its primary focus is unification with Windows 10 , its PC counterpart, in software and services; in accordance with this strategy, the Windows Phone name has been phased out in favor of branding the platform as an edition of Windows 10, [50] [51] [52] [53] although it is still a continuation of Windows Phone, and most Windows Phone 8.

Windows 10 Mobile emphasized software using the Universal Windows Platform UWP , which allowed apps to be designed for use across multiple Windows based product families with nearly identical code, functionality, and adaptations for available input methods.

With the diminishing interest and application development for the platform, Microsoft discontinued active development of Windows 10 Mobile in , [67] and the platform was declared end of life on January 14, Windows Phone features a user interface based on Microsoft's " Metro " design language , [70] and was inspired by the user interface in the Zune HD.

Tiles are links to applications, features, functions and individual items such as contacts, web pages, applications or media items.

Users can add, rearrange, or remove tiles. Several features of Windows Phone are organized into " hubs ", which combine local and online content via Windows Phone's integration with popular social networks such as Facebook , Windows Live , and Twitter.

From the hub, users can directly comment and 'like' on social network updates. Windows Phone uses multi-touch technology.

Alternatively, users may choose a light theme in their phone's settings menu. Third-party applications can be automatically themed with these colors.

The image is visible through the transparent area of the tiles and features a parallax effect when scrolling which gives an illusion of depth. If the user does not pick a background image the tiles render with the accent color of the theme.

Users input text by using an on-screen virtual keyboard , which has a dedicated key for inserting emoticons , [77] and features spell checking [77] and word prediction.

Users may change a word after it has been typed by tapping the word, [79] which will invoke a list of similar words. Pressing and holding certain keys will reveal similar characters.

The keys are somewhat larger and spaced farther apart when in landscape mode. Phones may also be made with a hardware keyboard for text input.

Internet Explorer on Windows Phone allows the user to maintain a list of favorite web pages and tiles linking to web pages on the Start screen.

The browser supports up to 6 tabs, which can all load in parallel. A "What's New" section shows a user's Facebook news feed and a "Pictures" section show pictures from those social networks, while a "Me" section within the "People" hub shows a user's own social network status and wall and allows them to view social network updates.

Contacts can also be pinned to the Start Screen. The contact's " Live Tile " displays their social network status and profile picture on the homescreen.

Clicking on a contact's tile or accessing their card within the "People" hub will reveal their recent social network activity as well as the rest of their contact information.

If a contact has information stored on multiple networks, users can link the two separate contact accounts, allowing the information to be viewed and accessed from a single card.

Here, information from each of the contacts is combined into a single page which can be accessed directly from the Hub or pinned to the Start screen.

Windows Phone supports Outlook. Contacts and calendars may be synced from these services as well. Users can also search through their email by searching in the subject, body, senders, and receivers.

Emails are shown with threads, and multiple email inboxes can be combined into a single view a feature commonly referred to as "combined inbox" or can viewed separately.

Xbox Music and Xbox Video are built-in multimedia hubs providing entertainment and synchronization capabilities between PC, Windows Phone, and other Microsoft products.

Xbox Music also allows the user to stream music with an Xbox Music Pass. When browsing the music by a particular artist, users are able to view artist biographies and photos.

This hub also includes Smart DJ which compiles a playlist of songs stored on the phone similar to the song or artist selected. The Pictures hub displays the user's Facebook and OneDrive photo albums, as well as photos taken with the phone's built-in camera.

Users can also upload photos to social networks, comment on photos uploaded by other people, and tag photos posted to social networks.

An official file manager app called Files , which is available for download from the Windows Phone Store, enables users to move and rearrange documents, videos, music and other files within their device's hard drive or to an external SD card.

Users can also add custom ringtones which are less than 1MB in size and less than 40 seconds long. DLNA streaming and stereoscopic 3D are also supported.

The " Games hub " provides access to games on a phone along with Xbox Live functionality, including the ability for a user to interact with their avatar , view and edit their profile, see their achievements and view leaderboards, and send messages to friends on Xbox Live.

The hub also features an area for managing invitations and turn notifications in turn-based multiplayer games.

Bing is the default search engine on Windows Phone handsets because its functions are deeply integrated in the OS which also include the utilization of its map service for location-based searches and queries.

However, Microsoft has stated that other search engine applications can be used. In the area of location-based searches, Bing Maps which is powered by Nokia's location services provides turn-by-turn navigation service to Windows Phone users, and Local Scout shows interest points such as attractions and restaurants in the nearby area.

Furthermore, Bing Audio allows the user to match a song with its name, and Bing Vision allows the user to scan barcodes, QR codes, and other types of tags.

Every Windows Phone has either a dedicated physical Search button or an on-screen Search button, which was previously reserved for a Bing Search app, but has been replaced on Windows Phone 8.

Cortana allows users to do tasks such as set calendar reminders and alarms, and recognizes a user's natural voice, and can be used to answer questions like current weather conditions, sports scores, and biographies.

The app also keeps a "Notebook" to learn a user's behavior over time and tailor reminders for them. Users can edit the "Notebook" to keep information from Cortana or reveal more about themselves.

The "Office Hub" can access files from OneDrive and Office , as well as files which are stored locally on the device's hard drive.

Multitasking in Windows Phone is invoked through long pressing the "back" arrow, which is present on all Windows Phones. Windows Phone 7 uses a card-based task switcher, whereas later versions of Windows Phone utilize true background multitasking.

Syncing content between Windows Phone 8 and 8. Software updates are delivered to Windows Phone users via Microsoft Update, as is the case with other Windows operating systems.

While Windows Phone 7 users were required to attach their phones to a PC to install updates, [99] starting with Windows Phone 8, all updates are done via over-the-air downloads.

All third-party applications can be updated automatically from the Windows Phone Store. Microsoft has also launched an advertising platform for the Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft's General Manager for Strategy and Business Development, Kostas Mallios, said that Windows Phone will be an "ad-serving machine", pushing advertising and brand-related content to the user.

The platform will feature advertising tiles near applications and toast notifications , which will bring updating advertising notifications. Mallios said that Windows Phone will be able to "preserve the brand experience by going directly from the web site right to the application", and that Windows Phone "enables advertisers to connect with consumers over time".

It's a dynamic relationship that is created and provides for an ongoing dialog with the consumer. Windows Phone supports the following Bluetooth profiles : [].

Microsoft keeps a site where people can submit and vote on features they would like to see added to Windows Phone.

The Windows Phone Store was used to digitally distribute music, video content, podcasts , and third party applications to Windows Phone handsets.

The store was accessible using the Zune Software client or the Windows Phone Store hub on devices though videos were not downloadable through the store hub and must be downloaded and synced through the Zune software.

As of March , the Windows Phone Store was available in 54 countries. Xbox Video offered HD movies from Paramount , Universal , Warner Brothers , and other studios and plus television shows from popular television networks.

Microsoft offered the Xbox Music Pass music subscription service, which allowed subscribers to download an unlimited number of songs for as long as their subscription was active and play them on current Microsoft devices.

Later versions of Windows Phone support the running of managed code through a Common Language Runtime similar to that of the Windows operating system itself, as opposed to the.

NET Compact Framework. Registered Windows Phone and Xbox Live developers can submit and manage their third party applications for the platforms through the App Hub web applications.

The App Hub provides development tools and support for third-party application developers. The submitted applications undergo an approval process for verifications and validations to check if they qualify the applications standardization criteria set by Microsoft.

Microsoft only pays developers from a list of thirty countries. In order to get an application to appear in the Windows Phone Store , the application must be submitted to Microsoft for approval.

In August , Huawei said it was dropping support for Windows Phone due to low sales. Generally, a download manager enables downloading of large files or multiples files in one session.

Many web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 9, include a download manager. Stand-alone download managers also are available, including the Microsoft Download Manager.

The Microsoft Download Manager solves these potential problems. It gives you the ability to download multiple files at one time and download large files quickly and reliably.

It also allows you to suspend active downloads and resume downloads that have failed. Microsoft Download Manager is free and available for download now.

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Windows 10 ARM auf Lumia 950: Erster Erfahrungsbericht / Test / Review Users can add, rearrange, or remove tiles. The partnership involves "funds changing hands for royalties, marketing and ad-revenue sharing", which Microsoft later announced as "measured in billions of dollars. Archived from the original on July 25, Conversations by Nokia. Retrieved September 6, Ginger From Casino Support für Lkw Spiele Spielen.